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Not for Whimps

Best Motorcycle Videos Ever (860)

a collection of well done videos

Up High, No Clouds (969)

understandably shaky

Look Where You Want To Go....No! No! Not Now (2292)

Hans, bist du verruckt?

Ups-A-Daisy (2317)

Shucks, no senior division

Harley Down Under (Or Over) (1889)

who says ... can't jump?

Bridge To Somewhere (1612)

and we pucker on tar snakes

Round The World In Six Minutes (1561)

is it paved all the way?

A Hill Too Far (1873)

100 lbs. of chain

El Puente de Miedo (1303)

Ach Du Lieber!! (1817)

even the roundel goes boom

More Impossible Riding (1409)

trials taken to the street

Snow Got You Holed Up? (2007)

forget the StaBil, follow the Swedes

Four Days In The Dirt (2431)

and then some...

Like Father, Like Son (1440)

amazing riding, excellent photography

French Trail Ride (1621)

just weekend fun, nicely done

Amazing Trials (1202)

Toni makes it look easy

BMW Doing Tricks? (1327)

love his dismount

Happy New Year (1817)

a leap year

Jarvis In Training (1469)

World's Most Dangerous Highway (744)

gives "highway" a new meaning

Roads To Remember

A "Best Of" Video Collection (386)

A collection of well done moto videos

Indian Summer (591)

something different

Stella Alpina (650)

Great Ride!

Colorado Back Country (1002)

 when do we go?

Motorcycle Diary (909)

Dragon Dangers (1307)

In The Woods (1077)

Highway 129 Tennessee (1399)

Alpen Ride (814)

Million Dollar Highway (1470)

why folks go to Alaska

Cherohala in the Spring (1177)

one of our favorites

Tale Of The Dragon (1694)

on a quiet day

Ride To The Sky (980)

up Mount Washington

South Africa (900)

Wanna Go?

Colorado High (1303)

put on the bucket list

Roamin In The Rockies (771)

Out In Utah (975)

a great slide show

Ledge Ride (1046)

not quite a road

Alpine in Autumn (999)

Alpine Summer (1206)

Swiss Alps (875)

bucket list material?

Isle Of Man 2012 (928)

way to go

Fritz, Karl und Hans (950)

Italian Alps (898)

long, long but beautiful

Motorcycle Memories

Fifty Years Of Kicks (842)

I Had One Of Those! (2512)

back when men were men (with strong right legs)

San Francisco In The Day (1576)

no motos, a few bikes, but interesting

John And His Honda (2009)

what ever happened to sideburns?

Norton Rules (1210)

two sons, a boomer dad, and a Norton Commando

Back In The Day (1322)

can you spot one of our guys?

Why Not? (1224)

Taiwanese but fits here too

Dragon and Vintage Bikes (1200)

Dale takes them on the road

Muddy Seventies (1164)

what ever happened to two strokes?

There's Life After AARP (1228)

ain't over till it's over

Harley's Two Worlds (827)

cops n bikers


Safe Stopping Distances (495)

Twist Of The Wrist (554)

Rider Perception (667)

Parking Lot Practice (1331)

It can be done without cones.

Braking Practice (1187)

Tips on how to brake fast before lunch.

128 Ways To Help Gravity Win (1452)

If you've not done at least one of need to get out more

When Gravity Wins (1097)

How to make it a non event

Picking Up A Bike (1821)

another way that works as well

60-Second Lessons (1422)

Captain Crash in small bites

Countersteering 101 (1849)

For non-believers

Choosing Your Line ( In Video) (2219)

this guy (cameraman) generally gets it right

Georgia Motorcycle Manual (2010)

how The Man says to do it

Group Riding (1826)

when three or more are gathered

Riding In The Rain (2111)

Riding In Extreme Heat (1270)

SMIDSY - The Movie (1950)

now that makes sense

Points To Ponder (1813)

good safety overview

Slow, Tight Turns (1143)

clutch, rpm, brake, head turn

Riding Tips (869)

all words, but good words

How NOT To Take A Corner (1469)

skip to 1:40

Motion Induced Blindness (722)

now you see it,now you don't

ABS On Dirt (1053)

sometimes not what you want

Left Turning Vehicles (699)

see and get seen

Reaction Time Trainer (1534)

If you are over 300 milliseconds stay home :-}


Brake Fluid Explained (233)

Brak Pad Selection (200)

Ethanol-Free Gasoline Stations (572)

An App is available. See Pure-Gas home page

All About Tires (499)

where the rubber meets the road

Which Battery? (503)

Dual Clutch (709)

Multi-Plate Clutch (654)

Five Speed Sequential Transmission (1110)

Rear Wheel Alignment (1226)

a simple tool helps

All About Oil (1837)

all you want to know and then some

Battery Maintenance (2701)

start off right

Charging Your Battery (3330)

no, not MasterCard, electrons

When To Change Your Tire (2288)

where is the wear bar?

Ten Things To Check Before Riding (2111)

or you'll find out later

All About Gasoline (1241)

what's in your tank?

Dan's The Man (1410)

maintenance, soup to nuts

Tire Wear Patterns (1838)

answers why left side first

Ethanol And Your Bike (1982)

alcohol and motorcycles don't mix

Dielectric Grease (3039)

may not be what you think it is

Poor Idle , Bogg on Acceleration? (1578)

clean the carburetor

Duct Tape and Bailing Wire

Plasti-Aid For Repairs (1183)

get those plastic parts back in action

Tubeless Tire Repair (1075)

worms at carriage way side

Bump Starting (2245)

bigger bike? find a friend or hill

Two Bikes, One Dead...TOW (1042)

Buying and Selling

Buying Your First Motorcycle (1455)

How To Buy The First Motorcycle (1901)

another view of what to do

New Motorcycle Specs And Prices (1376)

work the mouse, then mortgage the house

Used Motorcycle Pricing Guide (1485)

maybe a better deal than new

Intro To Motorcycles (1534)

a good overview

How Does The Bike Fit You? (966)

take a look at you and your model

Everything Motorcycle (766)

this link goes everywhere


Fitting A Helmet (353)

Choosing The Right Helmet (1510)

your choice, but know the facts

Protective Clothing (2304)

good advice and a free English lesson

How Does Your Bike Fit You? (1228)

you might be surprised

How Well Does Protective Gear Work? (1179)

read personal crash test accounts

Gear Reviews (986)

They get it, they try it, and let you know

Protective Clothing Stats (1495)

does ATGATT protect?

Getting It On (1368)

has Bob seen this?

Winter Clothing (1023)

keeping warm

Heated Gear (1007)

from toe to shoulder

Gear Up Project (847)

why it makes sense

Staying Warm (672)

crash has it right

Face Plants

when things go wrong

Tank Slapper II (518)

not just one but many

Off Road Gone Bad (1280)

Ewan's Crash (1726)

short way down

Low Side (1399)

and a low side (same place...hmmmm?

Low Side Scooter (1595)

doesn't take cc's to get in trouble

Tank Slapper (1567)

Kroger carting

Avoid The Yellow (1284)

not snow, wet lane markers

Taiwan Population Control (1307)

spot what was done wrong

Hey Mom Watch This (798)

what were they thinking

Highside 2 (1408)

same corner, similar outcome

Hillclimbing (981)

she goes up, she comes down

Not Motorcycle

El Camino Del Rey (847)

Potent Polaris (1152)

Polaris Playground (911)

Batman Returns (for real) (1046)

Got Talent? Let's See You Here. (589)

What Goes Up (1024)

Snow, Snow but Go (1562)

moto with no wheels

I Like Guns (1296)

for the Straight Shooters

Baja Bombers (919)

no nesecitamos carretaras

It Is Impossible! (984)

wait till after the Andrew Sisters routine

Welcome to TLCMC

We are a gathering of Christians sharing a common interest in motorcycles. Many of us are members of Timothy Lutheran Church in Woodstock, Georgia, Timothy is kind enough to let us meet there on the last Saturday of the month, at 9:00 a.m. Our meetings usually last two hours, contain a Devotion, and discussion about Motorcycle Safety and Riding Techniques and some select videos that are good for a laugh or two.. After the meeting we often take a group ride to a restaurant and then an afternoon cruise on the interesting backroads of north Georgia. At other times of the month we usually take longer group rides to interesting spots in north Georgia (and occasionally south Georgia), Alabama, Tennessee and North Carolina. See Articles for reports on prior rides and Calendar for upcoming events.

Fellowship, friendly talk and sharing of ideas and experiences are our aims. We have no sponsors, no officers, no dues, no minutes, no bylaws and very few rules. We are not a one-brand group. Among us you’ll find a few Harleys, a Royal Enfield, , a KLR, a BMW, four V-Stroms, a Ural, a Piaggio, a Yamaha, on occasion a Velocette and vintage Triumphs ( two new ones too), and a Honda or two, including a Goldwing. Folks that have no bike at all are welcome to join with  us to learn more about the sport, perhaps with an eye toward eventually getting on two (or three) wheels.

Take a look at Articles and Weblinks to get an idea of what we do.