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Going Back with Mac

It's been quite a while since I have brought the old 1950 Velocette Mac out to the club meetings or on a ride.  The last time out I became very frustrated due to the bike refusing to idle and it either stalling and needing restarting, or me having to constantly blip it like some adolescent two stroke rider. It took the fuin out of it, and it's all due to Ethanol in the gas!

Well, old Mac sat for well over a year and in the meantime I did buy the best carb cleaner recommended, thanks to an article that Nelson showed me.  It's made by Yamaha - fantastic stuff and really worked a treat.  Needless to say that I did actually take the time to strip, clean and rebuild the carb on Mac this summer, and having treated him to some real gasoline from Blue Ridge (no ethanol at all), he started on the second kick and runs and idles perfectly.  He's like a new old bike!

So pleased was I with getting the old fella running that I made this little video to prove it.

And just for a little nostalgic reference, here is a video of these wonderful machines racing in Australia. The race starts around 1:45 in.

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