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Ride To KOK (and then some)

Four of us, Melinda, Scott, Larry and Bob (the elder), after careful analysis of the pending weather situation, took off from our exit 27 Chevron to visit King Of Kings and attend their 10:30 a.m. Service. We made it there (Jasper) just in time to visit with old friends and congregants prior to the Service. It was good to see some of the founders again, including both Keiths (Sadler and Bell), John and Carol Scheder, Gary and Jan Engel, and Dan and Marcia Rubin. Marcia was organist and did a great job.

Of course Pastor Knoche and Donna were their, as were others that have helped the church prosper and grow. It's truly a blessing from God.

After the Service we took a chance that we could ride over to T.W.O. for lunch before the weather closed in. We had some doubts as we climbed into and through clouds on Sassafras Mountain, but they soon gave way before we turned on to GA 52. After passing through Dahlonega we stayed left at Stone Pile Gap and hit a few more low clouds, though not as thick as on Sassafras, as we made our way to Suches and T.W.O.

The new owners of T.W.O.. have made a lot of improvements and the place has a nice ambiance. While we would have preferred to eat on the veranda and keep track of the ins and outs of other motorcycles, it was just too cold, so we headed indoors close to the fireplace (it wasn't lit, after all it is mid July).

We had a good lunch, then headed home non stop (well almost, Scott was on his Street Rod and you know the drill ;)

The visit was a real plus. If you get the chance join us next time, maybe in the Fall.     

Ridge And Valley Ride (2)

We tried something new this time. Instead of heading north to the mountains of Georgia, Tennessee or North Carolina for a full day of riding, we decided to shorten the day and mileage to accommodate busy schedules and more sizes of motorcycles.

It sort of worked. Nine of us, on eight motorcycles, took off at 8 a.m.heading west to ride the Ridge and Valley Scenic Byway, stop at Villanow and Carters Lake on what was thought to be, a leisurely 4 hour loop, with an end-of-ride stop around noon at a restaurant in Jasper. Mileage was guessed to be around 150. The mileage was off a bit, more like 165, but the time was missed by 25 percent, 5 hours to lunch, instead of 4. But there were reasons.

Our first stop at a traffic light in Canton was a harbinger of things to come. The light just wouldn't turn green for us. After a long wait Sally K. leaped off Bob K's pillion, made a dash to the pedestrian signal button, and got back just as the stoplight  turned to green. Bravo Sally

Finally on the move, we made our way through Canton and Waleska enjoying the ride in the cool countryside when... the dreaded "Flagman Ahead" sign came into view. Sure enough there he was. He advised us to relax "it will be 8 to ten minutes, relax". So off went the ignitions and everyone dismounted and had a good chat. Finally the follow-me truck returned and we were on our way again past the workers. Then, a few miles farther in Rydal we stalled again, this time for a long,long freight train carrying coal south. After this the ride went as planned.

We stopped briefly in Adairsville then on toward Armuchee, turning north just short of the town on to Floyd Springs Road, close to the southern most point on the Scenic Byway. Once on the Byway we rode into the valley between Johns and Horn mountains. We passed through numerous "green tunnels" as we road along Johns Creek, stopping for a while at The Pocket, a camping spot that 76 years ago was the site of one of the last C.C.C. camps.

From The Pocket we headed north to Villanow to see the general store that has been in operation since 1840. After a short stop for photos we headed southeast, avoiding Calhoun traffic by branching east, passing through Resaca instead, on our way to Carters Lake. The road up the hill to the Visitor's Center at Carters Lake was reminiscent of some mountain roads. At the top the views of the lake were stunning and the center itself packed with information and exhibits about the lake and its inhabitants.

At Carters Lake we called ahead to our chosen spot for lunch to confirm we were on our way albeit an hour late. We pulled into Jasper around 1 p.m. and quickly headed to the restaurant, 61 Main. The food was excellent, if unusual, and all seemed pleased with the choice.

Too soon we headed out into the mid day sun and heat to ride south and take our various ways home. While this was a shorter ride than usual we still managed to ride in 7 of Georgia's 159 counties and we had a good time doing it.

Very few videos but a some photos

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Cherohala via TN 30--June 21, 2014 (2)

It was shortly after dawn when we met at the Chevron, planning to head north at 7:15 (or so). The four riders, Bob K.,Mark, Dennis and Bob S. were surprised to see  Richard (aka Edward) who rode over to meet on his Piaggio, not to ride the Cherohala with the rest of us, but to check us over and wish us safe riding. Thanks Richard.

We started out on I-575 a few minutes behind schedule under blue skies and cool temperatures. After breakfasting at Micky D's in Blue Ridge we headed north through McCaysville and Copperhill to pick up US 64 west going into the Ocoee gorge. Water was being released into the Ocoee and tubers, kayakers and canoeists were hurrying to the nearest put-in. The water at the power station dam was a sight to see as it cascaded down into the river.

Soon we were past the whitewater sections and picked up Tennessee 30 (Greasy Creek Trail) through banjo country to the little town of Reliance on the Hiwassee. Staying on a northerly course, through forest and farm land we rode into Tellico Plains from the north to check out the latest at the Visitor's Center and top up our fuel for the 100 mile gas-station-less round trip on the Cherohala Skyway. The sun was still shining in mostly blue skies but off in the distant west we could see signs of dark clouds building up.

Not to worry, we headed up the Cherohala, and soon turned down River Road to see if recent rains had added punch to the water drop at the falls on Bald River. It had. The falls were spectacular as hoped, as was the ride along the fast flowing Tellico River on our way to and from the falls.

The Skyway had less traffic than anticipated, only a few moving road blocks, but plenty cruisers and a few hooligans. The ride up to the mile high elevations is always a delight and this day was no exception. It was cool with not too much wind and the views in the high country are great.

Rather than head over to Robbinsville N.C. for lunch as most do, we followed our plan and took a return ride over the Skyway, stopping at the high point of Santeetlah to record our passing through. By the time we got back to Tellico Plains those dark clouds we had seen earlier were now upon us and as we stopped at Tellico Grains for lunch, the rain started. Not knowing how long it would last we dragged all our gear, rain gear included, into the restaurant. The folks in Tellico Grains are so used to the antics of motorcyclists they never raised an eyebrow.

At lunch Bob K. kept track of the size of the storm we were in and its direction on his handy cellphone app. It was not good news. The rain image stretched southward and promised to butt against another rain image closer to home territory. We ate slowly. Eventually got self conscious about hogging a table so we put on a floor show twisting, turning and bobbing as we put on our rain gear then headed outside. There were still a few thunder rolls off in the distance, but it looked as if the worst had past to the east.

Off we went at a greatly reduced pace down TN 68. Thankfully the traffic was light and the rain diminishing. By the time we got to Ducktown the rain had stopped, but off to the south we could see more dark clouds so the rain gear stayed on. But luck was with us and the ride down 515 and I-575 was mostly dry, as we skirted just to the west of the big rain.

I think all would agree that it was a great ride in spite of a little rain and we will probably go again in the fall when the leaves are in color.

Mileage Chevron to Chevron was about 303 miles though home to home more like 339 in my case, with home arrival about 5 p.m.

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Brasstown Bald Reverse Ride March 22, 2014

The promise of springtime temperatures brought ten TLCMC riders out for the ride up to Brasstown Bald on a route that took them up the Richard Russell  Scenic Highway  before going up the Bald, rather than the usual trip down, after the Bald (thus the "Reverse"). The ten riding were Melinda, Larry, Mike, Bob K., Dennis, Jack, Mark, Abby, Richard and Bob S.

The group took off from Ball Ground at 9:45 a.m., passed through Tate on SR 53 and then worked its way north to SR 52 on backroads. Rather than ride through Dahlonega they rode Clay Creek Road past the falls and up Black Mountain Road, past R-Ranch, to Stone Pile Gap. After a quick ride over to Turner's Corner they stopped at the General Store for a break and refreshments and a chance to look over (and hear) the Sport Bikes heading to Neal's Gap. In stead of following them the group turned east to pick up SR 75A and its connection to the bottom of the Richard Russell. As usual the road was a delight, hampered only by the flatlanders in cars that freaked at every turn. Unfortunately the no-passing double yellows are prevalent on this highway.

The ride up the Brasstown Bald spur road was a bit of a disappointment as again overtaking slower cars often broke the left/right cadence of the riders. The view potential was not enough to entice the majority to hike or take the shuttle to the peak observation post. Rather, they opted to ride down and over to Helen and have lunch at The Meeting Place on Helen's northside. They found a covered outdoor table that accommodated the group. Lots of banter and laughs accompanied the food (not bad) while the slow moving passing traffic, with horses, motorcycles and cars provided a constantly changing background.

The group passed through Helen (slowly) and headed down to Cleveland where they picked up SR 115 and headed west. Part of the group split off at SR 400 to get home the "fast way", to participate in activities that would start at 5 p.m. The rest worked their way through Dahlonega and over Sassafras Mountain on SR 136. From there they rode south through Jasper and back to the start point in Ball Ground (205 miles R/T).

There were a lot of "great ride" comments and this writer agrees. There's more to come next month.



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Follow The Leader Ride - February 8, 2014

After two rained out rides in past months, and a week's worth of conflicting weather outlooks for Saturday, two TLCMC riders, Larry and Bob S. took a chance and headed out under overcast skies to explore the six counties that made up the Follow The Leader Ride. Their bet paid off as the skies brightened and temperatures rose throughout the day.

To start they headed west from Ball Ground on Mineral Springs Road, crossing Sharp Top Creek on the one-lane bridge onto Lyon Dairy Road aka Damascus Road. Here they were surprised by three turkeys that flew across their path at helmet height, close enough for the leader to almost feel the whoosh of their flight. This was only the first "animal encounter" of the day as riding the quiet backroads offered views of hawks, vultures, horses, cattle, pigs and dairy cows, not to mention the occasional dog that thought it owned the road.

The guys continued west to the top of Johnson Mountain where, heading down the curvy narrow little-traveled roadway, they found the abundant gravel Bartow county spread on this, and all their backroads the prior week. Steep curvy roads are normally a motorcyclist's delight, but add gravel on top of pavement and you have a call for slow careful negotiation.

After entering Gordon County they turned east on Irwin Mill Road and tested their pot-hole avoidance skills while riding up Salacoa Creek. Soon they were back in Bartow County, then Cherokee, and up Henderson Mountain in Pickens to Waleska Highway (108).

After a rest stop at the Chevron at the foot of Steve Tate Highway, they worked their way across Dawson County and up to Lumpkin County and the outskirts of Dahlonega. Rather than pass through Dahlonega, the guys took Clay Creek Road and Black Mountain Road, turning on Yahoola Road to catch GA 60 heading south to Rider's Hill.

At Rider's Hill they had lunch and looked over the collection of new and used bikes up for sale. What a variety, from exotic but heavy looking Moto Guzis, to Suzuki DR 650 dual-sports. Quite a place and a good alternative to a stop at TWO (which was closed for the winter).

After lunch they headed over to Hall County and followed Bark Camp and Price roads across to GA 400 in hopes of taking River Road, on the west side, down to the Silver City area. Didn't happen. After a roller coaster ride on River "Bend" Road they found River Road had a No Outlet sign up. The dirt/gravel section closest to the river probably washed out again.

Having few options they rode through Dawsonville to Silver City and headed east on Kelly Bridge Road to Yellow Creek Road, then down GA 372 to home.

Y'all missed a great ride on roads I know some of you would like, but have never been on. Maybe next time.

In all it was about 235 miles. The V-Stroms gas gauge was blinking on empty on entering Hickory Flat, and its rider was about out of gas too, with that "good tired" feeling one has after a full day of adventure, fun and fellowship.



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