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Five County Ride--November 19, 2016

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After a brief meeting at McDonalds, Larry, Tad and Bob S. headed west on Knox Bridge Road to get on Stamp Creek Road headed for White. It was windy and cold but no rain was expected. The new intersection at Ga 108 is open and White Road access no longer complicates the situation as it is now up 108 a short distance.

The ride west on Stamp Creek is always a delight and this day was no exception. After passing through White the three headed north on US 411 a few miles then took East Valley Road over and up to US 140 and then back to US 411 by way of Knucklesville Road.

A short hop up US 411 took them to Johnson Mountain Road. Heading in to the open country at the base of the mountain has the feel of ranch country in Wyoming. To complete that picture it looked as if a cattle auction was in progress on the ranch grounds.

At the top of Johnson Mountain Road they they picked up Townsend Teague Road and others to reach Ga 53 and a westerly ride to Fairmount for some coffee and "hot" boiled peanuts. (Riders should note that Irwin Mill Road was closed as a brush fire was in progress).

After the break the riders headed south to Salacoa Road that took that over to Jerusalem Road and a ride up to Henderson Mountain that sports new pavement but retains the steep hills that have always been fun.

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Camp-n- Ride-n- Fly October 21-22, 2016

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Early Friday afternoon (off from work!), six riders met in Ball Ground to begin the Fall Camp-n-Ride-n-Fly (Larry, Dennis, Scott, Dave, Richard, and Mel who came over from his now-home, Athens).  Though the week produced three record-warm days, an unusually brisk north wind told us that wasn't in our cards.  Our goal was to ride to Suches and tent camp at Two Wheels Only and enjoy a Carbon Cub Fly-in held at nearby High Valley (Ga's highest airstrip).

The Campers

Dave, Larry, Richard, Mel, Scott, Dennis

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Tennessee Waltz Ride--September 10, 2016

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Our route plan would have had us taking back roads up to Blue Ridge, then up to Tennessee. However we decided to take the express way (575/515) to allow more time in the mountains before the promised 90+ degree temperatures prevailed. So, the six of us (Dennis,Steve D.,Larry, Tad, Mike and Bob S.) hopped on the Interstate , made our way past the ubiquitous traffic lights in the Jasper area, to arrive for breakfast at the ever crowded McD at the turn off for Ga 5.

Steve, Larry, Bob, Tad, Mike, Dennis


After our stop we headed up Ga 5 to McCaysville and crossed over the Toccoa River into Tennessee. A quick ride up Tn 68 brought us to US 64/74 and a turn west heading for the Ocoee River gorge. This is a beautiful area with the highway positioned between vertical cliffs and the river. We were not alone enjoying the area. Kayaks, canoes and rafts dotted the waterway, with many running the rapids past the power station dam.

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Big Loop Ride--August 13,2016

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Dave, Steve D., and Bob S. hoped the weather forecast on their smart phones was correct, though the sky said otherwise, as they headed north at 8:30. When they got past Jasper they got their first glimpse of the mountains, shrouded in dark clouds. Even closer-by Sharptop's peak was in a cloud.

Not to worry. They continued north heading over Sassafras and down to Cartecay to pick up rural Rackley Road over to Roy Road with its abrupt, ninety degree turns, that never fail to take you by surprise. Then they continued north passing the forest road heading up to Springer Mountain, the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail.

Soon they were on Aska Road and took a break at a breakfast restaurant in Blue Ridge.  By this time the blue-sky patches outnumbered the clouds and rain seamed off the agenda for a while.

After passing over the dam that impounds the Toccoa River to form Lake Blue Ridge, they followed Old 76, aka Veteran's Memorial Parkway, and reached Ga 60 near Morganton. Ga 60, from Morganton to Suches, is a favorite motorcycle path, having numerous sweeps and turns interspersed with open pastoral vistas. However, this day, for the first time, forward motion was often impeded by cages that freaked out on every turn. with no recognition of the line of vehicle tailing behind them. It was the first, but not the last moving road blocks encountered.

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