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Mid-Week Forest Roading

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Larry and Bob (the elder) took advantage of some free time to head north into the Chattahoochee National Forest hoping to see the forest sporting some Autumn color. Larry was riding his KLR; Bob his V-Strom.

They rode backroads up to Dial Georgia, then, after a cup of coffee at the VanZandts, headed for Forest Road 42 that heads up to the trail for Springer Mountain, the start of the Appalachian Trail. When they get to three forks they headed down FS 58 to look for a side "road" to a cemetery with headstones dating back to the late 1890's. They found the cemetery with its weathered headstones, most with unreadable dates. A sign posted nearby said an annual meeting is held here presumably to honor those that passed years ago. Off to one side was an out-of-place kid's ride that the two could not resist.

From the cemetery they rode back to FS 42 and headed for the town of Suches hoping to get a late lunch at Two Wheels of Suches (aka T.W.O.). On the way they found the road blocked by a wrecker crew pulling a pick-up from way down the hillside. They were told it went off the road earlier when it swerved to miss another car. In the process of hauling it up they managed to mangle the open passenger side door when they pulled it past a tree. After fifteen minutes or so the workers let the riders sneak by and be on their way. Unfortunately TWoS was not open and they had to catch a hot dog at the local gas station. After lunch they worked their way through two non functioning compressors before the one from under Bob's saddle let them air their tires up for the ride home.

Going home they headed down SR 60 through Dahlonega then picked up SR 53 in Dawsonville and headed cross country home.

The trees were not yet in color but the ride was great anyhow.


Part 1 - Barber Vintage Festival 2013

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Talk about dedication, on the afternoon of Thursday, October 10th Steve flew back from the West coast and rode down to the 2013 Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival with Dan. Of course it wasn't all heroics, it was practical as well; can you imagine gettinng up early on Friday to ride over there when your body is on West coast time? Ugh, no thanks mate ;-)

They took 411 nearly all the way down, only dropping onto i759 and i59 for the last few miles to save a little time as night had drawn on. Their two powerful adventure bikes were laden with camping gear and the all important collapsable chairs, for to collapse into after the long days perusing and oohing and aaghing over the phenominal collection of classic two wheeled machines that adorn the race track perimeter at this festival.

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Part 2 - Barber Vintage Festival 2013

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A Case of Trial and Error!

At 9am on Saturday morning the trio headed off to the trials park, leaving Robert's Harley holding the parking spaces by the tents to ensure parking on return despite the anticipated record attendance by cagers.  

The trials riding was excellent and, unlike the 2012 festival, the bikes were all classics. What a mixed bag they were too from vintage British singles to vintage Japanese that I remember and rode in my teen years.

Section 1 was deep in the wooded area and like all trials sections comprised two course; one for novice and one for more experienced riders. Maybe Steve and I will actually have running Ossa's for next year, so we can give the trials a crack.


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Maggie Valley Overnighter

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On Friday afternoon, October 9th, five riders (Bob K, Larry, Mark, Robert, and Steve) ignored iffy weather forecasts and gathered at the Chevron in Ball Ground for an overnight trip to Maggie Valley, on the edge of the Smokies.  A sixth rider, (Dan) joined them in Blue Ridge for dinner, and later provided overnight accommodations in his cabin – special thanks to Dan! 
 While at the Chevron the five enjoyed talking bikes and thoroughly making their new friend, Danny, proprietor of the Chevron, envious of their pending adventure ( they wouldn’t be surprised to see him back on a bike and joining their next ride).

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