Finally No Rain, Ride--February 9, 2019

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After rain canceled three consecutive planned  rides we finally had a dry Saturday for six of us (Dennis, Larry, Dave, Mel, Richard and me) to get on the backroads of Cherokee, Pickens, and Dawson counties. It was cold, no sun until after noon, but no rain either.

We planned a stop at the model airplane flying field on Old Federal Road but upon arrival were disappointed to see the place emptied of people and benches and. the gate locked. Perhaps they don't do any flying in the winter but sadly, it had a more abandoned look. We'll take another look in the Spring. From Old Federal we took Mt. Tabor etc. to Kelly Bridge and stopped at the Foothill Chevron for a warm up break.

After the break we took SR 53 down to Sweetwater- Juno then headed west, over the mountain, on SR 136 taking a jog up Whitestone Road to Carns Mill and Biguns BBQ. The place was packed but we were able to find a table for six and enjoyed a meal, and fellowship, while gradually doffing our cold weather gear. The afternoon temperatures were pleasant (low 50's) so, after lunch we rode down to Talking Rock,  then west again to Blaine and Hinton before turning south on Jerusalem to Salacoa Road. Little Refuge Road  brought us past Lake Arrowhead and on to Fincher Road (aka 108). After a quick stop at the Gulf station on SR 20 we headed home

 It was one our shortest rides, but it was fun. Everyone seemed to enjoy getting out on the road together again, after a too long hiatus.

Home-to home mileage was 191 km  (119 miles) for me, but others, especially Mel, did more.