August 2020 Old Favorites, Finally

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After many weather delays and even the remnants of a category 4 hurricane, we finally pulled off an August ride.  On the 29th, Dave and Larry (seen off by Richard who couldn’t break his day plans) took advantage of a break in the action to enjoy a route of “old favorites”.  Their day started in tropical soup – that fine line between 99% and 100% humidity where you can’t tell if you’d be more comfortable in rain gear or mesh gear!  Mesh won the day.  They leisurely headed to the mountains using Grandview, Sunrise, and Doublehead Gap roads, all favorites indeed.  Hwy 136 through the Burnt Mountain elevations was completely “in the clouds” and visibility dropped to only 50’ at times.  But the power of our Lord’s sun raised the ceiling and broke up the soup.   

Enjoying the ride so much, only one pic was had for the day.  But since it’s an old favorite, you’ll surely recognize it…

After a nice break at Van Zandt’s, they mixed it up by taking Forest Service thru the Chattahoochee NF to lunch at TWO in Suches.  Up FS 58 (Noontootla Creek) and across FS 42 was a blast.  A couple great things about riding thru the forest after rain… there’s absolutely zero dust, and traction on the normally loose sand and gravel roads is greatly improved – win, win!  At TWO, they lunched on a picnic table under the shade, thankful to need shade!

They returned home down twisty 60, thru R Ranch and Clay Creek areas, then Hwy 52 to Steve Tate and Yellow Creek before separating for home.  About 190 miles of smiles.  Join us next time!