September 2020 Barber!

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No, not the hair kind (most of us have little need for that!).  Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum just outside of Birmingham, AL.  Little known secret… the World’s BEST motorcycle museum is that close to home.  Really, I’m not kidding. 

Dave and Larry were able to take a Friday off and make an overnight trip of it.  Although the remnants of (another!) hurricane were thoroughly soaking Atlanta as they packed, it slipped out just in time for them to make a dry run west.  They took easy-going state roads like 92, 120, and 78 rather than hectic I-285 and I-20.  And it was surprisingly enjoyable riding.

But they just couldn’t pass the Talladega Natl Forest without passing through it since neither had been there before.  What a treat!  Very similar to our mountain roads and scenery, just not as twisty.  And being a weekday, they only saw about 3 cars the entire trip thru.  But the real reason to pass thru Talladega… Mt Cheahah, AL’s highest point.  The expansive view was like our Ft. Mountain’s – superb!  It’s an easy stop just off the highway and well worth the time.  

After their rest, it was on to Slyacauga for a great Mexican lunch.  

Then to Oak Mtn State Park about 10 miles S of the museum.  They snagged a couple of tent sites, set up quickly, then headed to the museum in Leeds, AL.  Of course, motorcycles park at the front door!

What a museum! It’s hard to undersell the quality of this attraction (AL’s most visited, by the way).  It seems no expense was spared.  The property also has its own road racing circuit and is home to the Porsche Driving School.  With the expansive windows in the museum, it was easy to catch views of the auto racing as well.  

The museum shows over 900 motorcycles of every make imaginable and has another 900 in storage from which to refresh exhibits.  

The guys got in a couple hours at the museum before heading back to camp before dark for a quick dinner, then attempted to get recently rain-soaked kindling to burn.  No luck.  

Saturday morning they broke camp quickly and headed to Waffle House for breakfast.  Then back to the museum for a few hours more (could have used a day more)!

After a nice BBQ lunch to finish out the visit, it was homeward bound.  The ride back was quicker without the Talladega detour, and still very enjoyable on the state roads.  The post-hurricane temps felt great!

Made it home about dinner time Saturday.  About 420 miles for the 2 days.  I think we’ll do this one again – it’s just that good.  Join us next time.