December 2021 Homer, GA and a Special Collection

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On a gray December Saturday, 4 ½ riders (yes, a first - Larry, Dave, Mel, Dan and his daughter, Presley) set off for Homer, GA to view a private collection of motorcycles which had something for everyone, even our ½!

While we would have loved to ride to Homer on this 70 degree day, the remnants of the tornado front which tore up 5 states the evening before was expected to pass thru after lunch, so… 3 ½ of us piled in Dan’s SUV and met Mel from Athens at our host Keith’s secret lair in rural Banks county.

Keith is a retired car dealer from the north metro area with a serious motorcycle problem. Although he has had over 100 bikes in the past (who has FOUR Vincents!!), he thinned his collection to about 30 of his favorites (makes room for more cars, too!). Keith and his son, Kyle have raced motorcycles and cars over the years. His varied collection represented favorites from throughout his life, including Hondas, Yamahas and Triumphs from his youth to Ducati race bikes to BMW tourers and adventure bikes with (nearly) around-the-world stories.

From the minute you walk thru the doors, it’s apparent Keith doesn’t do anything “half way”! Every car and bike is simply over-the-top, in build quality (502 convertible deuce) and condition (absolutely immaculate – and all are ridden regularly!). And the wonderful memorabilia perfectly compliments the collection.

But what most made the visit – beyond the fabulous bikes, cars and “barn” (a man cave beyond all dreams) – was our host himself. His generosity of time and stories truly made the visit special. Keith was the son of two schoolteachers sure he’d never get mixed up in any of that motorcycle foolishness! But over time, his folks saw the true joy his passion gave him and even his mother took up riding – yes, her yellow Honda has a special place in the barn.

After we finished cleaning up our drool off Keith’s polished floors, it was time for lunch. We tried the highly-recommended Rabbittown Cafe (a meat and three that’d make Bob S proud!), but they were closed for lunch - what?! Any diner that can close for lunch on a Saturday HAS to be truly special and we’re committed to getting back there again someday. Instead, it was Cheddar’s, also good. Sure enough, it wasn’t long after we left that we drove through the forecasted front – and by the amount of tree trash on the roads, all were glad we weren’t on the bikes that day.

Many thanks, Keith, for a special visit. Your secrets are safe with us!