January 2022 Savoy!

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On a cold Saturday in January, 5 riders (Al, Dan, Dave, Larry, and Tad) plus two guests (Al’s neighbor Tom, and John, a fellow gear head from TLC) visited the new Savoy Auto Museum in Cartersville. With starting temps in the upper 30’s and snow forecasted for late day, we opted for cage transportation on this outing.

Being semi-illiterate, I had to google for a definition of “Savoy”. Seems to be something like “elegant, sophisticated”. After our tour, I’d have to agree. This museum is very nicely done. After several years of construction, they just opened in December on a sprawling tract of land in N Cartersville (hmmm, do they have a racetrack in their future – there’s almost enough space for one). The far-larger-than-life chrome “hood ornament” sculpture gracing the walk up is a sight to see.

The collection of autos is diverse with representations from racing, pre-war, post war and American muscle. The post-war “woody” wagons were a treat as was the (41st) Tucker automobile. Also, their collection of 30’s-40’s luxury cars was especially good (Packard, Auburn, Duesenberg, Cadillac, Lincoln)

Enjoy the slide show.

Afterward, the crew headed to the Cartersville square for lunch at the Ate Track Bar & Grill where we enjoyed their “hi-fi” nostalgia. Was that Trevor Lawrence waiting for a table, why, yes it was!

In February we’ll try to get back on the road again. See you then.