March 2022 - Two Triumphs in the Wilderness

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Dave and Dan met at Pop's Garage and Coffee House for a little kick start to the day. While there Richard @Triumph Roswell solved a mystery for Dan's Triumph Scrambler 1200. Dan had recently added a Deltran charging lead and after doing so the bike was showing a maintenance needed light and message. Apparently, as smart as the computer is on that Scrambler it is not smart enough to remember the date and time when the battery is disconnected. Resetting the date and time solved the issue and made for a good start to the day.


Dan was trying out the Rever Pro app for the first time and had it plot a route to Dahlonega that was mostly twisties. The app did not disappoint. From Pop's they headed up Hwy 9, then onto Cogburn Road, Hopewell Road, a Holbrook Campground Road until they reached Hwy 20. A brief stint on Hwy 20 then led to Hwy 372 (Ball Ground Road) and at the traffic circle (I'm sorry, that's a roundabout old chap!), they turned onto Hwy 369 (Hightower Road). Hightower Road became Matt Highway and then the two turned onto Bannister Road heading towards Dawsonville. At Silver City they rejoined Hwy 9 and navigated the double roundabouts at Dawson Forest Road (go right for the Outlet Malls), then carried on up Hwy 9 to Dawsonville.

Just as they exited the second roundabout the Rever app quit on Dan's phone.  After a reboot it seemed to be OK, but then just before reaching Dawsonville the app quit again. It wasn't a big deal though as the road to Dawsonville has been well travelled by TLCMC and the two stopped in Dawsonville for a brief break before continuing. Dan got the Rever app working again and it led the two on good roads for the rest of the ride to Dahlonega, where lunch had been planned at The Corner Kitchen.

West Main Street took them into Dahlonega, and onto East Main Street on the other side of Dahlonega square. Then shortly before reaching Hwy 19 The Corner Kitchen appeared on the right. The Corner Kitchen is a very unassuming place and is really a sandwich shop, but oh what a sandwich shop! Dan thought his ham and cheddar sandwich was the best he had ever had.

After lunch the two joined Hwy 19, to the start of the Dahlonega Wilderness Loop. The loop took them past Lake Zwerner, and on past a lot of winery signs that Dan was very familiar with, this being one of his favored areas for gastronomical adventures. This whole leg of the loop was ridden on Hwy 19, which in this area is great motorcycle country, packed with sweeping curves, uphill and down, but once the twisties were over the highway straightened out demanding a faster pace to the next interesting section of the ride.

At the end of Hwy 19 they turned right onto Hwy 129 (Turners Corner Road) continuing through some picturesque landscapes. A hard right on Hwy 129 at Hulsey Road took the two back around on the loop to Highway 115 West, then Asbury Mill Road, and rejoining Hwy 115 West further on. Hwy 115 became Cleveland Hwy and took the two to Hwy 52 with great riding terrain and returning them to the start of the loop by Lake Zwerner.

The two returned to Dahlonega and after a brief stop headed back towards Woodstock, this time letting Google Maps have a go at planning an interesting route. Let's just say that there is a reason specific motorcycle route planning apps exist! Ignoring a lot of Google's suggestions, in favor of better riding experience and a strong intent to avoid riding the main section of Hwy 19 / 400, the return route bypassed Dawsonville and took them through Hickory Flat where they parted company along East Cherokee Drive.

It was a great ride of around 150 miles and by the return home the day had warmed up to the high 60's, hopefully an indication of more to come for a great early Spring riding season.