February 2022 Our “Backyard”

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On these colder, shorter days of winter, we typically stay closer to home - but that doesn’t mean “fun not included”.  Although the day began with freezing temps, five riders (BobK, Dave, Larry, Mel, and Mike) started late morning and rode some back, back roads which kept our speeds down (really down as it was questionable if some of these roads had been paved in this century!)  Heated gear was welcome. 

Our route wound through Cherokee County to Ball Ground, then centered around the “four corners” area of Cherokee, Pickens, Gordon and Bartow counties.  Who knew the mountains were this close to home?  Sequoyah, Henderson, and Johnson mountains were nice, but colder, as the temps dropped and elevation rose. 

Some observations on this little traveled area… Based on the number of chicken houses, this area clearly had a strong agricultural past (keyword).  None were the giant, smelly behemoths of today, rather all were the far smaller (dare I say quaint) versions from operations long ago, now relegated to farm equipment storage (where still sound) or just awesome places for hide-and-seek.  Also, the housing boom we see daily around the metro area has not passed this area up.  We were surprised to see so many new (and luxurious) homes built in this rather out-of-the-way area. 

Lunch was just a little north of Ball Ground at Choate’s BBQ – very good.  By then the day warmed to a reasonable mid 50’s. 

A road summary, if you’re so inclined…  Mineral Springs to Lyon Dairy to Damascus to Upper Bethany to Henderson Mtn to 53 to Fairmount.  Then Salacoa to Pleasant Arbor to 108 to Upper Burris to Land to Hornage to Howell Bridge to lunch.  E Cherokee to home.