August 2022 - Two Wheels and 250 Horse Power

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Huh?! Few motorcycles exceed 100 horsepower and none near 250 horsepower. Well, you’ll soon see… On a beautifully clear Saturday, four (Dan, Larry, Mel, Richard) met Mike at the Port Royale Marina on Lake Lanier for a fun outing on the lake. Dan, Larry and Richard rode from the west across Matt Hwy while Mel came from Athens, all enjoying the cool morning air. After changing into swim trunks and shedding motorcycle boots, we boarded Mike’s spacious tri-toon boat.

Now about that 250 Hp… Most of us never knew pontoon boats could handle a such a sizeable engine, but Mike’s could and boy, was it fun! The sunny day was warming quickly, making our time floating in the cool water very enjoyable.

After floating, we toured the S end of the lake, then headed to one of Mike’s favorite haunts, Fish Tales, for lunch, on the east side of the lake. Their food was great and I’d recommend it to anyone in the Hall County area.

After lunch, Mike toured us by a couple of film locations from the Ozark series - Ruth’s Point where her Langmore clan’s trailers were based...  

Then the iconic 60’s home where the Byrde family lived.

After that we gawked at the gigantic houseboats till it was time to head home.

And one pic just for the heck of it… (see if you can spot the boat with 1800 Hp – not a typo!)


Larry and Dan managed to catch the edge of pop up on the way home, but it wasn’t so much a drenching as it was “air conditioning” to what was now a truly hot day! I don’t think Mel (heading E) got as lucky.

Thanks, again, Mike for hosting us. It was great!