July 2023 – A Great Day in the Mountains!

In late July, three riders gathered for… A Great Day in the Mountains! Dan, Dennis and Larry started early to minimize temps and afternoon pop-up shower risk – and it paid off handsomely. They enjoyed a beautiful and, dare I say, cool ride up through the Grandview, Sunrise and Doublehead Gap areas to Van Zandts in Dial for a welcome break. For a day forecasted for mid-90’s in the metro, they weren’t expecting to see 68 degrees in Dial at late morning – though entirely welcome!

From there, they enjoyed Wolf Pen Gap and Neels Gap before hitting roadkill – actually, JR's Roadkill BBQ for a nice (albeit early) lunch.

Since the skies weren’t beginning to boil as they’d originally expected, rather than head home, they made a quick run back up the mountain to Neels Gap, taking full advantage of the third lane on the uphill route. Rumor has it one Scrambler scraped a peg or two which isn’t easy on a tall bike! From there it was a nice leisurely ride home. Although temps were definitely rising, the air stayed dry enough to prevent pop-ups from popping. 200 miles for the day and home by early afternoon equals... A Great Day in the Mountains! Join us next time.