Trail Riding School...March 21st, 2015

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The weatherman gave the six riders that enrolled in Honda's Trail Riding School a break. Sandwiched between two rainy days, they enjoyed a dry sunny Saturday at Honda's  facility in Alpharetta.

The six, Melinda, Dennis, Dan, Paul, Bob S. (the younger) and long time-no-see friend Tad, arrived at the training facility at 7:30 a.m., to complete the necessary paperwork and get decked out in approved safety gear supplied by Honda. While they suited-up, the instructors warmed up the 150cc and 240cc dirt bikes the six would get to know and appreciate as the training progressed.

After a brief orientation meeting they mounted the bikes and did warm up exercises in the dirt field used by all dirt bike and ATV classes. Then it was out to the trail where they tackled progressively more difficult terrain and obstacles

A sampling of what they encountered and how they used their new skills to address them, is captured in the video below. While it was relatively easy to video their activities while they were 'captive" in the dirt field, their near constant moving on the trails only allowed capturing brief scenes here and there. Never-the-less you can see how their abilities, and confidence, improved over the day.

(click on YouTube's logo for a larger version)

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