Meeting Recap--April 29th, 2017

Ten of us met this fine Saturday morning. Most rode.

The meeting opened with a couple vintage Baloney Shops thanks to a DVD discovered among motorcycle videos in a dusty drawer. Since LHM took the Shop off their website we have missed Ken Klaus' pithy commentary on "current" events. The DVD is old, but has the full first season (2009) and it's amazing how then "current" events are still current.

We took some meeting time to take another look at the video from the April 8th Trail Riding Session. There were plenty of laughs but also some background information that can't be gleaned from the video clips themselves.

We then moved on to settling on a ride for May 13th. Almost everyone was in favor of heading west to Alabama and again visiting De Soto and Little River Falls, the Gorge and the roller coaster "hazardous" route we rode a couple years ago. The 214 mile route can be found at while a video of our 2015 ride is at 

The discussion moved on to the possibility or a two-day Camp-n-Ride June 9-10. Larry is going to flesh out some details giving particular attention to the potential of parallel Cherohala rides, one on the highway the other the "dirt" Cherohala, among other rides in the North Carolina/Tennessee area.

We didn't discuss the date for the May meeting. May 27th is tentatively set but if a lot of rider's feedback that they'll be unavailable because that Saturday is the start of the Memorial Day weekend, it may have to be pulled forward a week.

After the meeting six of us rode to Sugar Pike Junction for some of Sylvia's fine burgers and relaxed conversation outside, under the trees.