Meeting Recap - February 2021

Saturday the 6th, five riders met for a Zoom meeting (Larry, Dave, Mel, Bob S, and Dennis). We were excited to catch up with Bob S since he’s been in COVID lockdown since last spring. It was also enjoyable to see how everyone else was faring. The general consensus was… can’t complain.


To start the meeting, we used a CMA (Christian Motorcyclist Assoc) “beginner’s document” designed for each new Christian they encounter. Although geared toward “beginners”, it serves as a sound refresher for all of us. It was divided into…

Read the Bible Daily (with good suggestions for getting started)

Pray Daily (also with good suggestions as to what, when, how)

Attend Church Regularly

Learn to Deal with Temptations

Tell Others about Christ


We discussed upcoming rides and sketched out this preliminary plan:

Meeting Recap - November 2020

Saturday the 21st, six riders met for our first meeting since May (Larry, Mel, Dave, Richard, Dan, and BobK – Happy Birthday, Bob – thought you could get away without us knowing, huh!) Since recent mornings started in the 30’s, we expected to meet inside. But on this glorious day, the sun was shining and headed toward 70, so… they opted for a socially-distanced meeting in the lower parking area. Dan rode his ‘68 Triumph Trophy 250 which we thoroughly enjoyed oogling. After that, we began with a devotion about our world at war – spiritual warfare – and how we can prepare ourselves for that daily challenge.

We discussed possibilities for upcoming winter rides (which we generally keep to slower backroads and later starts). One promising idea is to visit a large private motorcycle collection in the Homer area (E of Gainesville) owned by the Campbell family (formerly of Hourglass BMW and Triumph). I plan to make contact with them and see what I can arrange. A couple other good suggestions were visiting a new vintage car museum in the Cartersville area (but may be spring or summer before they open) and visiting any local aviation fly-ins we can find. Keep the suggestions coming.

After the meeting, we rode to Ball Ground’s “Burger Bus” (downtown, can’t miss it). And yes, it’s actually a burger joint with the only indoor seating inside a 40’s-era Ford Transit bus! But with such a beautiful day, most opted for the outdoor picnic tables.

Meeting Recap--February 29, 2020

Seven of us met at Timothy this cold Saturday morning. Dave came on two wheels, BobS on three.The "formal" meeting kicked off around 9:15 with a bible lesson looking at 1 John and 2 John courtesy of LHM's"What They Didn't Teach You In Sunday School"

Next we settled on March 14th for the March Ride using the route that was planned for the February ride that was canceled   March 14th route 

Larry gave us a recap (photos with narration) of the highlights of his February solo motorcycle trip across Florida and down to Key West. Looks like he had a good time in spite of time pressures caused by construction on the road to Key West.

For the remainder of the meeting we viewed and discussed some short "crash" videos, trying to discern what could have been done, if anything, to avoid the crash. One longer video was especially instructive as we agreed that the rider could have taken at least three actions that could have mitigated the severity

of the accident. Also of interest is the way the rider's camera flew off his helmet, landing in a way that the after- accident scene was also clearly recorded.Here's the video VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED   

.be&t=152">The Accident 

Note! the rider lived and is again riding. The SUV's driver was found to be unlicensed and without insurance.


Our next meeting will be on March 28th

Meeting Recap--January 25, 2020

Eight of us met this Saturday to kick off the start of the 11th year of TLCMC. Because of potential conflicts with family plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas the group had not met since October, except for a small group ride on December 14th, so there was a lot of catching up on happenings of the past 2 months.

The meeting itself started with a replay of "What They Didn't Teach You In Sunday School"  from January 25, 2010. From there we moved on to planning a ride for February. Saturday February 8th was selected as the ride date and the ride itself would follow a route that is about 1/2 the distance of our regular rides and stays off of higher speeds roads, both to accommodate temperatures expected in mid February. The route is shown here: 

The 12 day DAKAR rally recently finished in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. For once in a long time KTM did not finish on top, but Honda did, with a rider from the USA, a first for the DAKAR. We watched, and discussed a few videos from the rally shown here

We also caught up with Itchy Boots in northern Argentina, and Pedro Mota in Bolivia, both on solo rides in South America.

After the meeting Dave, Dennis, Mel and BobS four-wheeled over to Family Traditions in Hickory Flat for lunch and great conversation.

Our next monthly meeting will be on February 29th.