Meeting Recap--October 26, 2019

Eight riders met this past Saturday for our regular monthly meeting at Timothy.

First we viewed the Lutheran Hour's "What They Didn't Teach You at Sunday School's" explanation of the meaning of the letters sent to The Seven Churches in Asia Minor as contained in the book of Revelation. Then we turned to discussing plans for November and December.

Given the busy calendars that most of us have around Thanksgiving and Christmas we decided to follow examples from past years by forgoing regular monthly meetings and all day club rides in November and December. Instead we will have a short (<1 hr) meeting at Timothy, starting at 8:30 on December 14th, to consider plans for January, then have a half day group ride and lunch. More details will follow via email early in December.

The remainder of the meeting touched on a few riding tips presented on videos from McRider etc.,and general discussion about down-hill braking, the need for periodic brake fluid flushes and the heightened  exposure to deer crossing our path during the rut that happens in most our motorcycling area mid November into December.

Here's some background on the rut

and restocking




Meeting Recap--September 28, 2019

Our meeting started with a video from Lutheran Hour Ministries' "What THEY DIDN'T TEACH YOU IN SUNDAY SCHOOL". It featured the Old Testament book of Esther, and how it relates to the Jewish holiday of Purim.

Next we concentrated on the possibilities for a Camp-N-Ride for Friday/Saturday of October 11-12. The group came up with three ways riders could participate:

Option A) meet Friday morning, go north and ride mountain roads in north Georgia and Tennessee, then end the day, late Friday afternoon, to set up camp at TWO. On Saturday, break camp and ride north Georgia roads;

Option B) meet Friday afternoon, ride to TWO and set up camp, ride locally, in the TWO area, Friday afternoon, then ride north Georgia roads Saturday

Option C) meet early Saturday morning, ride to TWO to join the others for a day's riding in north Georgia.

Almost all at the meeting said they would participate in Option A, others can join them or participate via Option B or C.

Since the 11th and 12th are coming up in less than 2 weeks please let Larry know, (copy all) how you plan to join in.

Later in the meeting we took a look at what is known about Ewan and Charley's planned South America adventure (The Long Way Up). The most surprising revelation is the plan to  ride Harley-Davidson's electric motorcycles. With, at best, a 150 mile range, Ewan and Charley will have to solve the re-charging dilemma. No route has yet been published.

We also took look at suggested riding techniques from McRider and Mototrek.



Meeting Recap--August 31, 2019

The Labor Day weekend had an expected effect on meeting attendance yet four riders (Dave, Richard, Mel and Bob S.) managed to make it to Timothy to discuss plans for September and October.

After a short review of the Old Testament's book of Ruth provided by the Lutheran Hour we moved on to discuss ride option for the coming months. We settled on a September 14th ride to an old favorite, the Cherohala Skyway. While it may be too early for leaf color at the lower elevations, there's a chance that trees above 4,000 '' elevation may be in color. In any event the Cherohala seldom disappoints riders looking for a great motorcycle road. Details regarding time/place to meet will be available as the ride date approaches.

No plans were set for October as Larry is planning to pull together an Autumn Ride/Camp for mid-October. 

Richard brought his suspect Rectifier-Regulator to the meeting. He had done a test of the regulator and found it was not properly limiting the voltage to an acceptable level at higher rpm thus being the most likely culprit in hi two battery failures.

A MCrider video reminded us of three instinctual movements that can cause serious problems when riding a motorcycle. The third, being the most common and possibly the most serious.

While not motorcycle themed, we all were interested in seeing what Smarter Every Day was up to, and found the latest revelation centered on Grain Bins, and their unique  construction.

After the meeting the four of us went to Silvia's, sat under the oaks, had a hamburger and solved the world's problems.



Meeting Recap--July 27, 2019

Larry, Dennis, Richard, Dan and Bob S. met this day to plan a ride for August and discuss other club matters.

After viewing and discussing a LHM video about the book of Hebrews, we focused on setting a ride plan. With almost ten years of monthly rides completed it is tough to find something new and fresh

While details are still forthcoming the ride will include Dial, Morganton, Blue Ridge, Toccoa River Restaurant (lunch), Pleasant Valley, Talking Rock, Jerusalem, Salacoa, Waleska, and Sutallee. Planned date is August 10th with a "rain date" August 17th if needed. A route plan and mileage should be posted within a week.

We spent some time discussing how we can increase participation in our monthly meetings. Many riders (and no-longer-riders) have knowledge and experiences that would be valuable to hear, share and discuss. So, if you are "listening" think about joining us on August 31st (and/or the 10th)

Regarding our effort to reimburse Dan for his past out-of-pocket costs supporting our website he reported that so far he has received a total of $330 from four individuals. That leaves around $100 still needed to cover past outlays and new charges are due in September. If you haven't already contributed please remember and either PayPal Dan or send him a check( addresses are in an e-mail titled MEETING RECAP (and addresses).

 We need to keep in mind this reimbursement is for past expenses. Dan receives hosting charges twice a year, and others yearly. Any donations in excess of those needed to cover the past will be applied to new charges as they are received.

Richard told us about his meeting with motorcycle group in Woodstock. Most, if not all are "older"Harley riders At one point hey were lamenting the fact that some of the younger riders are less interested and older riders are dropping out. Apparently this problem is not confined to the USA.