Meeting Recap--September 28, 2019

Our meeting started with a video from Lutheran Hour Ministries' "What THEY DIDN'T TEACH YOU IN SUNDAY SCHOOL". It featured the Old Testament book of Esther, and how it relates to the Jewish holiday of Purim.

Next we concentrated on the possibilities for a Camp-N-Ride for Friday/Saturday of October 11-12. The group came up with three ways riders could participate:

Option A) meet Friday morning, go north and ride mountain roads in north Georgia and Tennessee, then end the day, late Friday afternoon, to set up camp at TWO. On Saturday, break camp and ride north Georgia roads;

Option B) meet Friday afternoon, ride to TWO and set up camp, ride locally, in the TWO area, Friday afternoon, then ride north Georgia roads Saturday

Option C) meet early Saturday morning, ride to TWO to join the others for a day's riding in north Georgia.

Almost all at the meeting said they would participate in Option A, others can join them or participate via Option B or C.

Since the 11th and 12th are coming up in less than 2 weeks please let Larry know, (copy all) how you plan to join in.

Later in the meeting we took a look at what is known about Ewan and Charley's planned South America adventure (The Long Way Up). The most surprising revelation is the plan to  ride Harley-Davidson's electric motorcycles. With, at best, a 150 mile range, Ewan and Charley will have to solve the re-charging dilemma. No route has yet been published.

We also took look at suggested riding techniques from McRider and Mototrek.