Meeting Recap--August 31, 2019

The Labor Day weekend had an expected effect on meeting attendance yet four riders (Dave, Richard, Mel and Bob S.) managed to make it to Timothy to discuss plans for September and October.

After a short review of the Old Testament's book of Ruth provided by the Lutheran Hour we moved on to discuss ride option for the coming months. We settled on a September 14th ride to an old favorite, the Cherohala Skyway. While it may be too early for leaf color at the lower elevations, there's a chance that trees above 4,000 '' elevation may be in color. In any event the Cherohala seldom disappoints riders looking for a great motorcycle road. Details regarding time/place to meet will be available as the ride date approaches.

No plans were set for October as Larry is planning to pull together an Autumn Ride/Camp for mid-October. 

Richard brought his suspect Rectifier-Regulator to the meeting. He had done a test of the regulator and found it was not properly limiting the voltage to an acceptable level at higher rpm thus being the most likely culprit in hi two battery failures.

A MCrider video reminded us of three instinctual movements that can cause serious problems when riding a motorcycle. The third, being the most common and possibly the most serious.

While not motorcycle themed, we all were interested in seeing what Smarter Every Day was up to, and found the latest revelation centered on Grain Bins, and their unique  construction.

After the meeting the four of us went to Silvia's, sat under the oaks, had a hamburger and solved the world's problems.