Meeting Recap--September 29, 2018

Nine riders met Saturday for the monthly meeting at Timothy.

The meeting opened with a video from LHM's series called "What They Didn't Teach You In Sunday School" that gave the rest of the story about Paul's appearance before Felix and Festus.

From there the meeting moved on to discussion about the upcoming ride to Maggie Valley scheduled for October 19-20. Six riders are signed up but there is room for more. Larry will lead the ride. He will e-mail more details as the 19th approaches.The ride will start Friday afternoon from Ball Ground and work its way up to Morganton for an overnight stop at Dan's "cabin". Saturday morning they will ride to Maggie Valley and a visit to Wheels Through Time, a one-of-a-kind motorcycle "museum". For a look at what the museum is all about see this short video from a prior trip.

An MC Garage video about the history and make up of ABS on motorcycles led to a discussion on the advantages of ABS on pavement, and its potential shortcomings off-road.

The group viewed a few videos featuring new motorcycle models. A few were in or destined for production while others probably will never be seen on the road.

Next came a number of short clips, some motorcycle oriented others just for laughs.

The next meeting will be on October 27th, same time, same place.



Meeting Recap--August 25, 2018

Seven members met this delightfully cool morning for our monthly meeting.

We got a late start due to some difficulty getting a good WiFi connection, but Dan eventually bailed us out and we were on our way to learn "the rest of the story" about Gideon, courtesy of Lutheran Hour Ministries.

We then took a few minutes to  see a "home movie" on Bob's family's construction of a bridge in Bob's backyard.

Then we were both amused and appalled to see a collection of video clips, from around the world, showing numbskulls handling firearms in a way that endangered themselves and those around them.

Talk then turned to possible rides for September. The group settled on a 1 1/2 day ride, with the first leg a Friday afternoon jaunt up to Dan's cabin in Morganton, followed the next day with a ride to Maggie Valley and a visit to Wheels Through Time. Larry will be contacting members not at today's meeting, and if there is sufficient interest publish details of how, when and where.

Dan took us through the features of this new website (magnificent job) and gathered input on some additions he plans to make. Dan plans to hold a workshop sometime in October for those of us who would like to know more about the site and how best to input videos, photos and articles along with techniques for getting the most out of all the features available.

The meeting ran a little long but most everyone was on the road by Noon


Meeting Recap- June 30, 2018


At the meeting we recognized that attendance for meetings and rides during July is normally low, due to vacations etc. so we decided to cancel the July meeting and schedule a ride late in the month, July 28th.

The July 28th ride will head north for a stop at Apex Cycle. After our visit we'll head over Fort Mountain, (with possible stops at the state park and/or the Vann House) and lunch at Edna's

The group also discussed the latest information on the Rainbow Family encampment in the Chattahoochee National Forest and what steps the rangers and sheriff have taken to manage the influx of thousands of campers.

After the meeting we rode over to Family Traditions for a great lunch and fellowship.

The next scheduled meeting will be on August 25th

Meeting Recap--May 26, 2018

Six of us got together this holiday weekend to discuss the activity calendar for June.

First on the agenda was a short listen to Dolly Parton's "Coat Of Many Colors" followed by a lesson from "What They Didn't Teach You in Sunday School" about Joseph's coat and his interaction with his eleven brothers.

We then reviewed the video from the May 10th ride and answered the two questions noted therein. This led to discussion about the camp/ride for June. The date was set at June 15-16. Those camping will leave Friday afternoon and those skipping camping but wanting to ride Saturday will meet the campers Saturday morning at TWO in Suches for a group ride on "local favorite roads". Larry is coordinating the trip and will send out additional details shortly. In the meantime mark the dates on your calendars.

The remainder of the meeting included discussion about riding "heavy motorcycles" on gravel roads. The discussion was supported by these two videos: