Meeting Recap--May 26, 2018

Six of us got together this holiday weekend to discuss the activity calendar for June.

First on the agenda was a short listen to Dolly Parton's "Coat Of Many Colors" followed by a lesson from "What They Didn't Teach You in Sunday School" about Joseph's coat and his interaction with his eleven brothers.

We then reviewed the video from the May 10th ride and answered the two questions noted therein. This led to discussion about the camp/ride for June. The date was set at June 15-16. Those camping will leave Friday afternoon and those skipping camping but wanting to ride Saturday will meet the campers Saturday morning at TWO in Suches for a group ride on "local favorite roads". Larry is coordinating the trip and will send out additional details shortly. In the meantime mark the dates on your calendars.

The remainder of the meeting included discussion about riding "heavy motorcycles" on gravel roads. The discussion was supported by these two videos:

 Remember, mark 6/15 and/or 6/16

Our next meeting will be on June 30, 2018