Meeting Recap--August 25, 2018

Seven members met this delightfully cool morning for our monthly meeting.

We got a late start due to some difficulty getting a good WiFi connection, but Dan eventually bailed us out and we were on our way to learn "the rest of the story" about Gideon, courtesy of Lutheran Hour Ministries.

We then took a few minutes to  see a "home movie" on Bob's family's construction of a bridge in Bob's backyard.

Then we were both amused and appalled to see a collection of video clips, from around the world, showing numbskulls handling firearms in a way that endangered themselves and those around them.

Talk then turned to possible rides for September. The group settled on a 1 1/2 day ride, with the first leg a Friday afternoon jaunt up to Dan's cabin in Morganton, followed the next day with a ride to Maggie Valley and a visit to Wheels Through Time. Larry will be contacting members not at today's meeting, and if there is sufficient interest publish details of how, when and where.

Dan took us through the features of this new website (magnificent job) and gathered input on some additions he plans to make. Dan plans to hold a workshop sometime in October for those of us who would like to know more about the site and how best to input videos, photos and articles along with techniques for getting the most out of all the features available.

The meeting ran a little long but most everyone was on the road by Noon