June 26th Meeting Recap

The pull of other summer activities thinned the ranks a bit at our meeting on the 26th. With Boy Scout trips, family outings, out of town vacations, and one family emergency (Tad's mother passed away), we were lucky to gather eight of us.

After viewing a new episode from Baloney Shop, the talk turned to exploring why we ride, what brought us to select the bikes we ride, and what features we thought would add to the strengths of our current rides. This was an opportunity for Gerry and Paul to get a better feel for what type of motorcycle may be the best choice for a new or returning rider.

We set Saturday, July 17th, as a tentative date for the next all-day ride. As we work our way down our ride priorities this ride should be Ride E, that is, a run up through Cartecay , Doublehead Gap and Aska Road to Blue Ridge, then down Ga 60 to Suches, over through Wolf Pen Gap  up to Blairsville for lunch, then down to the  Richard Russell Scenic Parkway, and home.