Meeting Recap--February 29, 2020

Seven of us met at Timothy this cold Saturday morning. Dave came on two wheels, BobS on three.The "formal" meeting kicked off around 9:15 with a bible lesson looking at 1 John and 2 John courtesy of LHM's"What They Didn't Teach You In Sunday School"

Next we settled on March 14th for the March Ride using the route that was planned for the February ride that was canceled   March 14th route 

Larry gave us a recap (photos with narration) of the highlights of his February solo motorcycle trip across Florida and down to Key West. Looks like he had a good time in spite of time pressures caused by construction on the road to Key West.

For the remainder of the meeting we viewed and discussed some short "crash" videos, trying to discern what could have been done, if anything, to avoid the crash. One longer video was especially instructive as we agreed that the rider could have taken at least three actions that could have mitigated the severity

of the accident. Also of interest is the way the rider's camera flew off his helmet, landing in a way that the after- accident scene was also clearly recorded.Here's the video VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED   

.be&t=152">The Accident 

Note! the rider lived and is again riding. The SUV's driver was found to be unlicensed and without insurance.


Our next meeting will be on March 28th