Meeting Recap--October 28, 2017

Eight of us met this rainy Saturday to discuss upcoming events and mull over various motorcycle topics..

First on the agenda was the planned ride to Tallulah Gorge to witness the kayak action during one of the major water releases by Georgia Power. We plan to ride there on Saturday, November 11th. We will meet at the Shell Station on the corner of East Cherokee Road and Highway 140 in Hickory Flat ready to ride at 8:30 am ( this is the first Saturday of Standard Time). A planned route can be found at

The return route is dependent on how many hours are spent at the gorge (there's more to see and do than the water release). Additional ride details will be posted as the ride date approaches.Never been there? Take a look

We took a look at David Petersen's (BestRest Products) idea that that the usual way that two riders stagger their lane position way be all wrong

Interesting (but not everyone signed up)

Next we tried to discern the cause of various motorcycle mishaps depicted in video clips. In addition we tried to work our way through Virginia Tech's report on Why and How motorcycle's crash, but gave up as the format didn't lend itself to a group discussion. We'll try again when their info is in bullet form.

The group took a few minutes to see again Half-Throttle's attempt to ride his KLR up a muddy hill in Panama. Some rides just don't go well.

MC Garage put out a video that answered the question...does shifting without the clutch damage a motorcycle's transmission? The answer...No...was not a surprise to many in the room as it is more or less common practice for up shifting to a higher gear (not so common downshifting).

We viewed a few interesting, but not motorcycle videos, and before we knew it, it was 11 o'clock and we adjourned.

The next meeting will be on Saturday November 25th, same time, same place