Meeting Recap--May 28, 2016

Surprisingly, ten of us, almost all on bikes, were able to take the time this Memorial Day weekend to attend our monthly meeting. Bravo!

The collection of $20 to defray the cost of website maintenance is complete now, with  all those present having contributed, along with most other active riders. Dan has the dollars. Dan's is hoping to find a "lending library" module that fits our needs, to incorporate into the website.

Next on the agenda was an overview of what is planned for the Camp-N-Ride (aka The Dirty Four) set for June 9 thru 11. At this point, Larry, Dave, Steve D. and Steve G.are signed up, but additional riders are welcome. A pre-ride meeting is scheduled for June 4th at the Taco Mac in Woodstock. The meeting time is TBD.

No additional ride was set for June, though the possibility of a ride to Tellico Plains with a hop up Buck Bald was discussed. The Buck Bald video that shows the road to the top was AWOL at the meeting, but has since showed up and here it is.

If anyone wants to do this ride let Bob know and he can lay out a route that includes the  Ocoee River, Greasy Creek Road, Tellico Plains and Buck Bald.
The remainder of the meeting included viewing videos that, through the errors of others, reinforced various motorcycle techniques, and some others just for laughs.
Our next meeting will be on June 25th, same time, same place.